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AIT is proud to announce our new web-based Sports League Registraion & Management Service. With on-line registraion, paper forms are eliminated, no checks are lost, error-free rosters are easily managed, and your organization is better organized.

Ready to get in the game? Put your registration process online and beat the competition.

Why you would want to play the game.
- Save Time
     - Organizing just became a lot simpler. With just the pressing 
       of a few keys and a click here and there you get the data you 
       need in seconds. 
- Save Money and Make Money
     - Don’t worry about if the check will clear, with online 
       registration everything is done by credit card and you 
       get your money faster!
     - Need to make a refund? Credit card refunds are fast and easy.	
     - Have sponsors advertise on your site… not only do they make money, 
       you make money!
- Increased Accuracy
     - No need to make out handwritten registration forms anymore, and 
       get the wrong information.
     - No longer lose money with incorrect registration fees, your deadlines 
       will be set in stone and we will even do the calculations so you 
       get the right amount every time. With a click you can make sure all 
       your transactions for the day are signed, sealed and delivered by 
       matching it up with your batch report.
- Make Reports
     - Get reports on players, finances and more!
- Secure Transactions
     - Transactions are made under a secure environment.
- Backend Navigation
     - Your administrator will have the ability to see all the registered 
       players, organize, and update everything in an easy to use interface. 
       We can also customize it to fit your needs.

The ball is in your court… Oh the many other options that are available
      - Manage Sport, League, Season, Team and Players
      - Message Board for players and coaches to communicate
      - Upload files to your website
      - Alternate voucher and check payment
      - Reassign players to different teams, divisions and even leagues
      - Player search engine
      - Built-in permission scheme for administration site
      - Rank you players
      - Registration for sponsors
      - Get parents involved by defining your own volunteer types
      - And more
You have free rein!

Why your organization should play ball with us?
     - We customize the site the way you want it and depending on your 
       specifications you can be ready for action in a week!
     - The cost for you?
        - Absolutely Nothing!
           - We can make the site for you absolutely free. We only ask 
             for a small negotiable percentage fee every time someone 
           - So we make money only when you do!
        - OR
	   - A one time negotiable fee for the cost of the site and 
	     that’s it!
     - Do you want us to host your site? Or Help you maintain the site?
       We can do that too! And again for only a small fee.

So what do you have to lose? Give it a try and reap the benefits.
Contact Steve Olson at
Or call 410-312-7272 x110


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